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 cheap wood pallet in surabaya
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19 Sep 2019
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cheap wood pallet in surabaya

Sell ​​Local Wooden Pallets with quality standard products. We sell Wood Pallets from various types of wood such as Mahogany Wood Pallets, Mixed Wild Wood Pallets, Customize Size Wood Pallets with sizes that you can order according to distribution needs in your Company / Factory.

CV. Aneka Jaya Makmur is one of the trusted wood pallet manufacturing company for years with the support of professionals in it to help your company in the need for pallet for logistics. Wooden Pallet is one of the types of packaging auxiliary handling or moving goods in the manufacturing industry. By utilizing Wooden Pallets as a handling assistant in your factory, you will save energy and time in structuring and managing logistics. Wooden Pallet is the right choice if you need a Pallet for export or one-time local shipment.

If you have difficulty in determining what type of wood pallet is suitable for use in your place, our marketing will always be ready to help provide input. For Quick Response Contact Us immediately by Phone.

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